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Noosa than Rainbow Beach 28th - 1st Sept


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Hi all

I am travelling up to Noosa to see the olds and also for a 4 day boys weekend at Rainbow Beach, so far there are 4 boats going and about 15 blokes. As we are all travelling from other places any one have any GPS marks we can check out or any spots you know of or if any one wants to bring your own boat boat for a big fish off lol



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Not fished off boat there but went beach fishing at rainbow beach and around noosa

Camped for 3 days and what a trip

The beach fishing there is great with just about every cast producing either a tiny flattie and dart to fish over the 50cm mark

So much fun but that's from the beach but your interested in the boat but just advice if you want to (not that your gonna carry a 10ft+ rod in the boat)

Cheers thefisherman6784

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I was watching the weather report on either the Today or the Sunrise program last week (Today I think) and they were on the north shore (across the river from Noosa) and a bloke has just pulled in a good jew. There is good fishing all the way up that beach. Can't help you with boat spots though. Worth talking to a local tackle shop.

Have fun!


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