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Clifton Gardens


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Hi All

I am new to this forum and love fishing, but unfortunately mostly end up fishless!! (Hence the name) :(

I have some time off tomorrow morning so plan on heading down to Clifton Gardens to feed the fish again!! :1prop:

So, if anyone is up for it, I would welcome the company. :thumbup:




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I would ..but im only 15 and have school :05:

What fish r you gonna target? (if any)


Hmmm ... good question ... stuffed if I know!! The plan is to try a paternoster off the edge of the wharf for a some live yellowtail and then toss them out (if I get any) for whatever likes them. Otherwise, I have some squid and pillies to throw out there and see if anything bites. Any suggestions??


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Hi fishless,

my tips for clifton gardens,

okay high tide is at 10:14 so a morning fish should be productive.

Fish with as little lead as possible. I usually get by with either no lead or just a small ball sinker.

Drop a line straight down off the left hand side at the end near the stairs. I have pulled up heaps of leatheries from there.

Try a peeled king prawn, make sure is australian in origin and cast that straight out as far as you can from the end of the wharf. again use as little lead as possible.

There is a drop off a little way off the end of the wharf a good cast will put the bait out in the deeper water.

I have also put in heaps of burley and dropped the line just off the right corner of the wharf for trevs.

unfortunately i will be at work so cant join you

Good luck


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