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Black fishing fail


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finding the depth is one of the main tricky parts imo... look over at the guys who are catching them and try to see how deep they are setting their drifts.

Is your float weighted properly (needs to be neutrally buoyant for sensitivity of strikes) , are you using leader using too thick (6-8lb should work), hook size too big (size 8-12), bait presentation/type, missing strikes

use the search for more info there are heaps of pro black fishermen in this forum who have made lengthy posts on the topic!

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Thats the first I've heard of a flattie taking weed. Nice!

I have heard they will even bite on lolly snakes.

I have asked a couple of guys, much more experienced than me, about your catch.

They said if everyone is catching and your not, your doing something wrong.

The fact you got a flathead means you were probably fishing too deep, maybe dragging bottom.

Take a sneaky look at the other fishos setup, most importantly where is the float stopper.

Try to match their depth.

Once you have a general idea, move the stopper a few inches at a time until you get a down.

Even a few inches difference can make all the difference.

Hope this helps.


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If you don't mind helping with where they were catching Blackies?

PM is fine.



All along the entrance lake from the mouth to the boat ramp at picnic point


Thanks very much for the info. I'll let you know if I'm up that way.

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