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Georges river - Lugarno


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Good afternoon,

My first report on this site. I went out for a flick this morning at botany had some good runs but the wind got the best of me so I ended up relocating to lugarno, I did not expect to catch anything considering georges river is usually dead this time of the year aside from blackfish but was interested in dragging and hopping my soft plastic on the bottom when all of a sudden i felt a hard pull, set the hook and the reel screamed (drag set to 1kg). After 5 Minutes of fighting I had a nice flatty on the boardwalk which was released to ambush more bait fish.

The next cast I was on again but unfortunately the hook fell out and my 2.5" grub lost its tail, unfortunately my part of the boardwalk became unfeasible as the other anglers (I guess they had enough of flicking sp) decided to cast in front of me and stand close to where i was standing so I bid them good luck and left.

Gear used:

1-3kg Jungle stix
Symetre 1000FL
Braid exceed 6lb + 8lb Sunfire FC leader

1/6 Headlock + Atomic Plazo 2.5" GrubZ (Silver)

Thanks for reading! :)


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Well Done.. yes its amazing how many anglers think its a good idea to cast in the same spot as you just caught a fish.

Very light coloured for up the river that far.... hes been downstream for a while I suspect.

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