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Land based Port Stephens - my first post on the site


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I've moved not long ago to NSW from Victoria and spent last weekend exploring the Port Stephens area.

Fished the following spots - Stockton Beach, Fingal Bay and One Mile. Notable captures are attached in the photographs. A good mix of salmon, tailor and bream. I also saw a schoolie caught by a fellow angler on the beach.

One question I have was that I saw some schools of luderick looking fish under the shoal bay jetty - but they looked a bit silver for luderick (although I saw their stripes). Are people successful catching them off jetties?






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You got some nice fish there, well done.

As for luderick, they do look silvery in clear water, jetties are a great place to target them.

Wash your spot down when your done so no one knows you've been there. Haha

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Great catch there mate. There's heaps of salmon and tailor up here ATM. To answer your question, yes you can catch luderick off that jetty but it is more productive from the breakwall at Nelson bay. Although this time of year, good luck getting a spot.

Well done :)

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Well done mate some nice fish there.

Port Stephens is a slice of heaven not sure if that's where uv moved to mate but I'm sure you loved it.

I go there every Chrismtas with the family. Frankly with such good scenery around I would still be content with zero fish at portstephens

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