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Garmin / humminbird / lowrance?


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Hi guys , I'm looking to buy a new sounder with side scan and down scan capabilities. Budget is around $2000 / $2400 . I am leaning towards humminbird 1199 price permitting or 899si but I do like the Garmin units but need to buy the "black box" to get it to going. Lowrance units I have had trouble with in the past but the HDS 8 looks good. Who has used these units and what are your thoughts both + and - ?

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Hi, everyone is going to have a different opinion so buy what you like the best. You will be going well to get a new Oz version 1199 for your budget even if you are talking $2,400. Even the 899 CX SI will be over budget. There was some old models floating around but all the good SI combo have gone. Till the end of last month you were able to get a HDS-8 with structure scan thrown in, but that has finished-someone might have one of these bundle packs left-it was just in budget. Something might be happening next month so contact me then because a HDS-10 with structure scan will be within budget. Right here today the best value is the Simrad NSS-8 with structure scan at the upper end of your budget and I have only played with the new Garmin at the show and being new I doubt many people have used it in the water but it seems pretty good. Other than that I have used them all in the water and as I said if $2,400 is your budget then today the NSS-8 is the best.



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Just for your interest, my lss2 unit is about the size of an a4 piece of paper and about 50mm high, and the transducer for it is around 250mm long and 50mm wide. Just messaging to make sure you have some room for the lss2 unit and dont go dragging the rear of your boat around in the shallows.

I love my hds7 with side/structure scan, purchased from huey a couple of years ago.

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