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Terrigal jigging

The Incredible Hull

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Hey Raiders, its been a while since I've written a report, I was glad to get out on the water today.

Headed to Terrigal this morning, got to the ramp at 6:00am. Headed about 10kms east to a wreck to catch live yakkas, got around 12 or so big ones. Travelled another 30 odd kms east to a number of reefs. We had 2 x 250gram jigs down as well as a couple of livies.

Was a beautiful day, 0.5m-1m swells, no clouds, 5-10knots of wind.

I've never done jigging before, and I didn't expect it to be so tiring, particularly in over 100m of water. Arms were dead after a couple of drops, such a weak effort! Decided to give jigging a rest and stick to the livie rod lol

It was a slow morning, the first kingy landed was on a jig, it went about 72cm. Second kingy landed went around the same size.

We made a few more passes and getting donuts for the next hour or so... it wasn't looking good.

We moved to another area, I think north east area, and my livie rod starts bouncing a little. I immediately aim the rod down directly towards the water, and the kingy took off like a bullet. I have never done this sort of fishing before, I.e. fishing for kings off reefs, so I had to turn its head and wind up as fast as I could. Unlike fishing in esturary with sandy bottoms where you can take your time, I almost gave up on this fight! I was spent and it was only half way up the 120m drop. Initially I had the rod under my left arm pit, but I was too buggered, so put the rod butt on my left leg to get better leverage. A couple of times I wanted to hand over the rod to someone else but I wanted to battle this powerful beast. Feeling like an eternity later, finally got him up, nice size kingy, he went 85cm.

I was so buggered I could barley hold him up:


I would also like to enter it in the COTM.


Thanks for reading.

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Well done mate. And I know what you mean by jigging on that depth of water. It's a challenge and works the arms real well. But you hooked up and landed a nice fish so all is forgotten. Great work :) cheers scratchie!!!

Cheers guys. Yer it was crazy, jigging up rapidly for 50m and dropping it to the bottom, and repeat. After 3 or 4 times, it really wears you down, especially if you're unfit like myself!

Here's a short video of the hook up, duno why my mate did not get all of it! Enjoy.


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