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This is one lucky family.


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Hi guys, just had a car here this morning for odd noises coming from the front end according to the owner.

Anyway within 30sec of a test drive it was apparent to me that the issue was in the front brakes.

This is what i discovered when pulling the wheels.pazenuty.jpgThe owner is now up for rotors/pads which is nothing compared to what could have been a very tragic ending.

When questioned, the owner stated she, s been driving like that for the last three days.

Considering the size of that "crack" in that rotor it didn't make nowhere near the noise you'd think.

Sorry for such a novel, but my point is if you can,get strange noises checked out asap if you don't do so already.

It may just prevent a tragedy.


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Wow. Well spotted Fab1. My clutch on Golf diesel shat itself. I was driving around for 3 days with it. My wife complained of a noise and I couldn'te hear it until Monday. I thought I'd better call into my mechanic. When he took off the bottom shroud bits of the pressure plate springs had melted into the shroud and there were metal filings around the clutch housing inspection hole. He couldn't believe I could still drive it. Neither could I.

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