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Cremorne Point


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Hi Raiders,

First report in a wee while as the only thing I seem to have been catching recently is leather jackets.

Decided to try somewhere I hadn't been before today and caught the ferry out to Cremorne Point. I had a look around when I arrived early avo, but the wind was up and the rocks around either side of the wharf didn't look too safe. I opted for the wharf and started off with unweighted prawns. After a little while I started getting the (now very familiar) PING PING PING of small leather jackets and, sure enough, after a few minutes, pulled out one about 20 cm or so.

Switched baits to chicken with garlic and started to get some hits around the back of the wharf, facing in towards the shore. Caught a small pinkie and a couple of small yakkas, then it went a bit quiet. Burleyed up a bit and then got a more solid take, after a brief fight I pulled in this, which I assume is some sort of wrasse (an adult gunther's?) I didn't take it home, but I might do next time if anyone recommends them on the plate.


Stayed for a few more hours until an hour after sunset, but other than the occasional small take I didn't get anything else. I've got prawns left over, but not too many so thought I might head out somewhere different tomorrow, use them up and then spend the afternoon practising with the SPs.

Cheers for reading,


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I used to fish a bit at Cremorne Point years ago. Not on the wharf, but right at the end of the point near the little lighthouse. Just walk through the park and then down the ladder to get there.

Used to catch some nice sized flatties, trevally and snapper at the lighthouse. However, the last few times I went there, everything I caught was undersize. Love the scenery there though!

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