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Rozelle, 06/09/14


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Evening Raiders,

Hope you don't mind two reports in two days.

Went down to Rozelle today to have a practice with SPs. Arrived in the morning just after low tide and it was pouring with rain. I started around the area where the canal meets the bay with a bloodworm wriggler on a 1/12th jighead and a bit of S-factor, casting into the current, letting the lure drift round and hit the bottom, then working it back up. I kept getting little nips from (I assume) tailor and a few of my plastics ended up in ribbons.

After a while, I headed down towards the Anzac Bridge. Stopped halfway down and had a few speculative casts with a slow lift and retrieve and was surprised to get a definite take but no hook up. I tried casting out a few more times and on the 3rd time, as the plastic was sinking to the bottom it got smacked by something. This time I knew I had a fish on properly, so I tightened the drag and, after a small battle that attracted a few passersby, I landed my first decent fish on SPs. I'm not sure of the length, but I guess a little over 30 cm. I was ecstatic and really grateful that a woman watching offered to take a picture of me with the fish. (I then promptly embarrassed myself when the fish wriggled suddenly as she was about to take the picture and I dropped it on the ground). I managed to get him back in water without too much more stress and got back to fishing:

post-33473-0-22827800-1409990819_thumb.jpg post-33473-0-71411900-1409990880_thumb.jpg

I had another hook up shortly after in the same spot, but the fish spat the plastic out. Worked that bank the rest of the afternoon but as the tide started to come it it went a bit quiet.

In the last couple of hours of the run in, I moved back up to the section where I was at the start of the day, where the canal meets the bay. Again I chucked out my bloodworm wriggler and on the first cast I got a good take. A short battle later and I landed my first luderick, which turned out at 27 cm and was popped back in the water.

post-33473-0-37679700-1409991361_thumb.jpg post-33473-0-44919900-1409991425_thumb.jpg

I headed home just after that. I'm guessing fish on SPs are like buses in the UK- you wait for one to show up for ages then two come along at once. :yahoo:

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Thanks guys, just felt good to get some fish on SPs rather than bait for a change. I actually had prawns with me that were leftover from Friday, but they never ended up getting used. It definitely gives me a wee bit of confidence now that I can go out and catch fish with just the plastics, makes me want to head out again tomorrow and try them elsewhere.

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Well done adamski

That's a great trev and luderick

Always fun with the light gear and even better with lures

Last time I went there, I bought three rods and literally got one bite but the fish was so small it didn't even take the bait

Cheers thefisherman6784

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Cheers mate! Yeah it was great fun on the light tackle and that trev hit pretty hard, problem is now I want to get another one!

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Nice one mate! Very well done, rozelle can be up and down but usually produces for me :) that rock wall where you got the trev fishes well on light weights, there will be more! The lure addiction never stops haha.

Cheers Witha, and thanks for the advice a few months back about fishing there- it's all come good.

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