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Question about jigheads in currents


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Hey Raiders,

Just a quick question. I was out today at a stretch of the Cook's round the back of Marrickville to practise with SPs. I started on a 1/12th jig head but the current where I was fishing was so strong that if I cast out straight ahead, the lure would simply get dragged round towards the edge, even when it was on the bottom. I decided to go heavier and switched to a 1/8th in the hope that that might make it easier to keep the plastic on the bottom, but then that meant when I lifted the lure, it was barely off the bottom at all. The water was quite shallow- 1-2 metres at most.

I'm not really sure what the best weight/technique is. Is it best not to bother with plastics in fast-flowing currents such as rivers and just look for a spot where the water is slower?



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Personally, I like fishing slower currents with a 1/12 head but for example fishing the hawkesbury around the bridges would be hard with the current that rips through there. If I'm fishing for bream and flatties, I like to fish no more than a 1/8 head but 1/12 is preferred. But with were you went, I would of persisted with the 1/8 but I don't know how bad it was myself.


Hope this helps

Cheers thefisherman6784

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I was in a similar but different situation over in NZ earlier this year, fishing the hydro electric canals. They were deep and very fast flowing. We used 1/6oz jigheads or heavier and cast upstream. The current would do all the work and we would just lift the rods a few times as the plastic flowed past us to impart some movement into it. It worked and we caught fish. Seems to be the way it's done over there.

The main thing in my opinion is getting the plastic to where the fish are, and if that's the bottom then that's where you want it. Even if like you said it wasn't lifting off the bottom, if it was causing a disturbance like leaving a trail of sand or mud then that will help to draw attention of nearby fish.

Just use as light as possible to get it where you want it. If that means 1/8oz then that's what I would use

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