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Fishing Bents Basin

Sven Graham

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Hi Sven, great place for a fish, and while I have caught bass here they are usually smaller resident fish to around 25cm or so in length. You will get the occasional bigger specimen but they are few and far between. Have caught bass using beadhead woolly buggers and a 6wt flyrod , but the most consistent fish taker for me has been a small betts spin attached to a 2.5'' z man curl tail grub spiced up with some scent of your choice. You will get bass on the surface if you can cast accurately to overhanging structure and logs and any shady areas, usually best early morning or late in the day when the shadows are long. Rockhopping upriver can surprise with very feisty little fish from fast flowing water. But if you really want to get your arms stretched take a light 2 to 4 kg spin rod , attatch a pea size ball sinker running on the mainline to a small swivel, then a 600mm length of 8lbs flouro to a small light gauge circle hook. Bait the hook with 2 corn kernells and lightly burly the area with corn and sit back and wait for the action, it shouldn't take long. My best carp from the basin went 97cm and 22lbs, the fight lasted well over 10 minutes and left me with a very sore wrist. Hope you have some fun, cheers Jamie

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Hi Sven, believe it or not every time I have caught carp there, a couple of Asian fellows have come running over just as I am about to dispatch the fish and begged me to let them have it. This has happened on several occasions now as the 2 gents have been there every time, usually fishing with ultra heavy gear with big hooks and sinkers. They couldn't believe I was using 4lbs mainline and 8lbs leader, so after setting up their gear correctly they started to catch a couple of fish. They were extremely grateful for the advice as the only fish they were getting were donated by me. As the area is a very popular family picnic spot I would be mindful of leaving dead fish anywhere people could see them and either take the fish for someone who likes to eat them or take the dead fish well away from the waters edge. Good luck, hope you do well. cheers Jamie

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