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Royal National Park Blackfishing


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Headed out last Sunday.

Sunny day with low wind, 1.5M tide at noon and swell < 1M.

The weed growing on the rocks was the best I have seen for years.

Burlied a little before rigging up and started fishing about 10.30 i.e 1.5 hours before high tide.



First run produced a moderate fish. Fished till 1.00pm and only twice retrieve float back with any weed.

I love fishing the low platforms when the fish are about as you continually are getting bites. Often the float does not go down, often pulls to the side or a small bob. Wait till it is stable lift up and they are on.

As you walk on the rocks you naturally add burley as the day progresses. You vary weed type as they get more picky. When they get tougher put more effort into bait presentation and you are rewarded.

The fish were a bigger size than last few outings. About 1/2 +38cm and one at 43.


Kept 9 for family and friends, released the rest.



All in all a great day,


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Looks like a good day Geoff, They are starting to show up in the estuaries down here now, got 7 yesterday and 12 today in durras lake, and its about a month early for that system, could be a good season. plenty of weed around too.

You catch them in the lake? It's a very shallow opening to the sea isn't it?

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Great session Geoff. I went out last Monday and had a good session, landing 7 nice blackfish and a solid pig.

Haven't sighted any posts from you Stormy for some time. You back on deck now and fishing your favourite spot?

BTW, I am planning to try my luck over the other side soon. Been going to the Gym and the knee is much more stable.



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