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squid at port hacking 24/09/14


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Got the day off so decided to take my eldest son on his first squidding session. Got to the spot around 530pm. Was surprised there were only 2 cars in the carpark. Was expecting it to be packed due to school holidays.

Rigged up my sons rod with a pink #2 squid and after 15mins my son caught his 1st squid. After 1hr my son caught 3 squid.

People started to arrive at the spot and by 7pm the spot was packed. Stayed at the spot until 830pm and packed up. Gave the 3 squid to one of my mate who caught about a dozen squid.

My eldest son was very happy coz he caught squid finally. Ill take him beach fishing on my next day off so he can catch his first salmon.

Thanks for reading.

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Guest Aussie007

nice catch of squid is that gymea bay? maybe u should have kept your 3 squid for bait when u do the beach session u might hook a jew or something nice

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