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An evening session for Hannah,Kieran and Julian.


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Hannah and Kieran and their dad Julian have a caravan here on the Clashwhannon site. I had been handed the pleasurable duty of taking them out on an evening fishing session. They had fished only once before and I was informed that Julian had blanked on that occasion. It was up to me to get Julian his first fish and show him there is more to life than playing golf !!! LOL

We duly headed off to a fairly easy "walk on"mark on the west side of the MOG. Having said that I still managed to slip on the way to it,all I hurt was my pride though and a barnacle cut on my hand. We arrived at the mark two hours before hw and I set up 3 spinning rods rigged with sliding floats and ragworm for bait. We also had limpet for backup.

Julian was managing to cast out ok himself but I was initially casting out for Hannah and Kieran. I had a good feeling about this and just knew we would not have long to wait for some fish action. Pollack and wrasse were the intended targets and I am pleased to say that the fish must have read the script. Here is Kieran with his first fish,the smile says it all.


Hannah with her first fish


Kieran with his second fish


Kieran with his third fish


Eventually Julians float dipped down and he brought in his first ever fish. I think I was as chuffed as he was.


It was a perfect summers night and here is the photo to prove it.


We fished for about 2.5 hours and I was kept busy baiting up,unhooking fish and getting tangles out for everyone. Towards the end of the session Hannah and Kieran were casting out unaided and were having a ball. Here is Hannah with the biggest pollack of the session.


All of the fish were returned unharmed to fight another day. Take a bow,you all did well.


The final score was (I think)
Kieran 6
Hannah 3
Julian 2

On the drive back to Drummore I took us via a back road hoping to show everyone some wildlife. We manged to see rabbits,hares,partridge and two roe deer. I just love a happy ending. To be honest I get just as big a kick out of coaching as I do fishing myself :sun:


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Lovely post John. It's exactly the way I started fishing- 11 years old, west coast of Scotland, casting off the rocks with my grandpa and cousin (I think we were using chrome lures though). I'll never forget the night we managed a couple of decent pollack and a rock cod and cooked them on the barbecue, best fish I ever tasted.

Ah man, cheers for bringing back good memories :)

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That should be Padawans.......if my spelling was correct.

Padawans, in Star Wars, were the young jedi's in training. As they got older they were apprenticed to older, more experienced Jedi to complete their training.


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