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Thoughts on Ally Plate (Allycraft) Boats


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Hi guys,

I'm in the market for a boat and came accross Ally Plate boat made by Ally Craft. I have tried to find some information on them but can't seem to find anything.

Does anyone own one or had any experience with them in terms of build quality.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi, Allycraft have not been in business for a fair few years now and the range of Ally Plate was not a huge success for them and they only made them for a few years. They contacted us back in the day about stocking them and they were priced well and not that bad-not the best by a long stretch but not the worst either. We service a few and I have been for a ride in them and the ride is on par with mid tier plate boats. Buying second hand you will want to be warying and work out what you are prepared to pay for it and then go for a water test and if YOU like it that is the main thing.



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Thanks for the response Huey.

My concerns are exactly that they are not in business anymore. It is pretty reasonably priced but im most concerned on build quality and cracks in welds etc.

I might be taking it for a water test soon so I'll see how it goes.

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