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They Are Here, Or Did They Ever Leave


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My report is a day late, but looks like there has been plenty to read and get envious about. Had a early one b4 work yesterday and started about 5 am on the water. Headed straight out and nothing at the Heads, so hit Spot X, burleyed hard and had a fun hour. Using the sink tip flyline I was pretty sure going deep was the go as there were heaps of bait and arches coming up on the sounder. 2nd cast and onto a nice trev, then another at about 40 cms. 2 XO yakkas as well that must have been close to 40 cms, huge, 1 St Baker and a nice little king at 50 cms, even at that size they go. back into the Harbour as things were getting bumpy, not a big swell but rocky enough to make me go a bit green. Around to calmer waters and I felt much better and headed to Balmoral, but on the way saw a heap of birds but it was only a huge seal with gulls hovering over him. At one of the points I spotted a small school of salmon and they bailed up some bait fish next to the cliff, land one nice one on the 7 wt caught on a home made eye, by the time I reeled it in and released it the school had unfortunately gone, not to worry, I got one nice one and I had to go home anyhow. Would have been fun getting amongst them this morning re Bill's report. Have a good weekend Raiders.

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Nice effort Ken :thumbup: - after todays showing maybe I should have taken a sickie on Thursday.

Don't worry Joe you didn't miss out on anything today :thumbdown:

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