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A Nice Afternoon With My Daughter


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Hi Raiders,

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here, just too busy with work and family committments but I am hoping to do more fishing and hopefully post a bit more as the warmer months approach.

With a few hours to kill this afternoon I decided to take my daughter for a fish and see if we could get one.

We fished in the Lane Cove River with a light rod running 6lb Braid - 6lb Fluro Carbon leader which is pretty much what I use most of the time with sucess so I let my daughter use it.

It started off slow we arrived around lunchtime and after a hour of nothing my daughter was showing signs of boredom.

I decided to take a gamble and drop the weight to a single splitshot and fish on the other side of the pier into the snags. This is something I do from time to time but was a little worried that my daughter would keep playing with the line as its loose and she would keep whinding it up, anyway the gamble payed off, about 5 mins after casting the rod buckled over my daughter didnt know what to do so I grabbed the rod off her as the fish was taking alot of line as I had the drag very loose so I tighted the drag and landed the fish for her and it was a nice healthy bream smack bang on 30cm, she was wrapped and wanted a photo straight away and after I showed her how to hold it we took a photo and I kept it for her for dinner.

there was nothing else after that but we were both very happy with the catch.

Anyway raiders it was good to be out on the water and spending some quality time with my daughter




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