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Darwin, Darwin, what a place to go fishing

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, just wanted to add my 2 bobs worth.

What a fantastic adventure, Scratchies post covered all the details perfectly.

Absolute fishing madness, exhausted from pulling in great fish anywhere from 180meters up to only 25 meters deep.

Anyway just a few more pics here for you to check out...

post-3371-0-04863700-1414275924_thumb.jpg post-3371-0-96686700-1414276328_thumb.jpg

post-3371-0-09355500-1414276350_thumb.jpg post-3371-0-62891400-1414276371_thumb.jpg

post-3371-0-14285200-1414276392_thumb.jpg post-3371-0-26570100-1414276450_thumb.jpg

post-3371-0-04010500-1414276473_thumb.jpg post-3371-0-27399100-1414276496_thumb.jpg


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