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Looking for an outfit for kings on plastic


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G'day raiders, just after some help on an outfit to flick smaller plastics at kings, was out on the weekend and had a school busting up on small baitfish. The only thing I hooked up on was my 2kg bream outfit with a wriggler on it but fair to say I had no chance of landing it as it almost spoiled me. Any info would be greatly appreciated , cheers

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I've stopped every king I've hooked on plastic (don't think I've hooked any over 80-90ish cm) on my daiwa gen black 2-6kg wicked Wiesel and a daiwa caldia 2500 10lb braid 14-16-20lb leader

Does the job very well for me

Cheers thefisherman6784

P.s. All kings on plastics have come off markers so this rod is strong enough to extract them

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