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Best places to Camp/landbase SPs near Jervis Bay


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Hey all,

I'm thinking about going camping/fishing down the south coast next week.

Can any raiders please give me some advice as to the best spots to camp (Vehicle accessible and preferably leave the tents up) and fish soft plastics in the region so lots of accessible waters on foot? Looking at spending 2 nights doing this.

Thanks in advance.

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In Booderee National Park/Jevis Bay Territory there is few camp grounds, Bristol point and green patch are excellent but avoid cave beach 100% bindi ground cover.

You will be blown away by how beautiful the water place and water is. Heaps to explore. You can get to sussex inlet north side from there(i have not been down that road).

Check it out on the national parks site


other wise there is a caravan park near husskison

So many squid, just walking around the rocks at green patch you can see little 1inch squidlettes hunting.

Recently Ive only fished from the murrays beach boat ramp and rocks to right for 2-3 hrs round to murrays, got squid and felt like decent hits on plastics but didn`t land anything. Almost lost a finger to a eel i didn`t see while cleaning squid off me in a rock pool. Ugly scary creatures.

Parents have a photo of me about 8yrs old with a what looks like a 60-80cm flattie from a beach there don`t know which one though.

A mate i was fishing with got a couple of decent snapper on a kayak near the rocks at hyams beach boat ramp, not sure of current fishing regulations for that area though.

Cool shops in huskisson for the non fishers. You`ll be able to get food supplies from Vincentia shops.

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