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G'day raiders

Headed to the local again armed with fresh cabbage weed solo

Got down at 6:30am for the run out tide. After about an hour, I drifted it past where I would normally stop my drift and then the float shoots down. When I came tight, I'm like damn, snagged, there goes the last of my floats... Wait, hang on... Line starts rolling off slowly and then the famous big head shakes and rolls. This thing was huge.

It couldn't have been a luderick (I thought). I thought monster bream somehow on cabbage but there are little prawns/crabs in it so thought bream

After about a minute of him just rolling and huge head shakes, I saw him. A MONSTER LUDERICK.

Then he went back down for about two minutes again just rolling and sitting near the kelp. Got him up again within net reach, back down again for a minute or so. Would not give up. Finally got him up and in the net.


It was HUGE!

Measured him and he went 47.5cm


It was amazing

No more fish for the day but a few missed downs

Wind really picked up by 8:30 but I left at 10:00am

I was shocked

It's a fish of a lifetime and a day I will NEVER forget

Possible raider record?

Cheers thefisherman6784


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They don't come much better than gianni sounds like a typical big fish roll thump thump roll thump thump!!!! Good effort landing the fish! Just a side note if your keeping fish from the harbour above 35cm u recommend filleting as some of the bigger fish have the parasite in the flesh and I have seen them riddled personally the boys and I let em go as it can be so bad you have to throw them away! wait till you hook one like that off the ocean ledges! My on was over 20 years ago and tipped the scales at the 5lb mark went over 50cm caught him off pig rock in the national park one Christmas

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