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Tailor Galore In Pittwater


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Went out for 2 hours on Sat (10th) and 3hrs on Sunday arvo and bagged 15 Tailor each time (mostly around the 35cm mark with 30% going 40cm).

Once you find them, you got as many as you want. Awesome fun on light gear.

Just turn around and go through em again and again!

One num nuts in his fishing boat flew past our stern and tore off one of my lures ($20 rapala) and spooled most of my line! If only I had my sniper rifle (are sarcastic death threats still death threats???). It wasn't half obvious we had 4 lines out trolling, no respect!

Sunday arvo was nice once the wind died down a bit (and western side of pittwater was very calm and protected)

Thai fish cakes mmmmmmmmmmm

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Sounds like a good day out, some jerk did the exact same thing to me in the hacking, we were trolling when this idiot came flying past behind us to overtake, i lost my favourite halco and around 50m of fireline. I'm praying for a seized moter for him next time he ventures outside!

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Haha, mate i was furious, i had been on the water all day and only had my bream rod, and was coming around for another troll on the same spot i had caught a nice salmon that returned the half spool of line to me after taking me back to the backing! So after this jerk did this to me it was all over for the fishing side of things, lucky the esky was still half full of :beersmile:

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Yeah pags, really easy to make and real teaty (easy/quick too)!!!

3 or 4 nice size tailor fillets

cube up and put in blender (take skin off if you wish - to much trouble usually)

blend to paste and add 2 tbl sp chilli sauce (not sweet chilli)

small handfull of coriander

thumbnail size cube of grated ginger

1 tble spoon Cumin

1-2 tble sppon of your favourate curry powder (or paste)

2 tble spoon lemon juice

salt if ya want

approx 1 cup of self raising flour

mix all together

Shallow fry in oiled pan for 1 minute each side. Then, place fry pan into oven (or put fish cakes on tray) at approx 200degC for 10mins. This will help the flour rise and make them light 'n' fluffy

Note: before putting in pan, consistency should be a little on the wetter side. Flour will soak the rest up as it's cooking in the oven.

I'll be damned if these aren't better than the shops!

Play around with different ingredients and amounts to vary your fish cakes. Nice way to enjoy those fish you sometimes don't like eating by themselves.

Bon appetite...............................................................................ohh and don't forget the :beersmile:


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