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Boat Radios


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Greetings Fishos

I was told by a mate recently that the emergency services are going to stop recieving/listening to 27mhz radios, that they are only going to scan for VHF & UHF frequencies.

I have been shoping around for a radio and i am getting mixed messages from boating shops, it appears they are more interested in flogging off there gear than giving me some accurate info.

I contacted water police and patrol, they have indicated i would be best served if i purchased a VHF frequency radio just to be safe.

does anyone know more about this ? or recomend a course of action ?

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27 meg is great for listening to other fisho's, chatting with mates and getting the latest 'goss' on what's biting.

VHF is far better for safety as it does not require line of sight and has a much longer range.

Go for VHF.

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from Maritime NSW website.


The VHF radios have a better range and clarity than 27 Mhz radios but are more expensive (approximately $400). The Uniform Shipping Laws (USL) Code states that effective VHF coverage only extends to 20 nautical miles from a shore station but may be as far as 30 nautical miles under some circumstances.

VHF also allows ship to ship communication between vessels using a VHF radio and ship to shore communications with the volunteer services, the three port corporations and the Coastal Radio Network (CRN) until 30 June 2002 and the new service beyond that date. This radio is therefore capable of transmitting distress alerts, receiving weather forecasts and marine safety information.

A certificate from the Australian Communications Authority is still required to use VHF radio on boats in Australia. Marine radio users can either obtain a Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP) or a Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency (MROVCP) to meet this requirement.

However, VHF radio is now covered by a Class Licence, so marine radio users do not need to obtain (and pay for) a separate radio licence.

A little big ambiguos, especially the last paragraph... :mad3:


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from Maritime NSW website.

A little big ambiguos, especially the last paragraph...   :mad3:



Holly sheep shank batman :wacko: , Do we need a licence or not?

Me thinks this is another "Grey" area in the government , That if I ring up, Ill be fobed off to 50 other gov depts because knowone knows didly squat.

In that case Ill just buy a VHF and use it as 99% of others do , And that is emergency only/Listen sometimes.

My 27 meg is 5 years old now and needs an upgrade for saftey sake.

If They want to fine me after the unlikley(But possible) event of a rescue at sea because I MAYDAY or PAN or SECURITE or RELAY on VHF, So be it.


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