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OK the need to fish was upon me so I asked a couple of mates to join me ... sorry Whitto, gotta work ... so I rang a coupe of others, no go either... called over the fence to the next door neighbour, nope ... I even asked the :wife: to come fishing with me ... :thumbdown:

gotta change the deodorant methinks.

Launched solo at Wally's Wharf in the early arvo as the beautiful day disappears under very damp looking clouds. Doesn't matter ... it's time to fish.

Motored out to find very slight conditions outside ... so the trolling lines go out and I start to do laps off Jibbon and South Cronulla.

Hit in under 60 seconds :1yikes: but being solo it takes a long time to grab the rod and steer away from the shore and I drop a nice fish.

Maybe golf is my game ... :wacko:

I'll try that once more .... Hit in under 60 seconds AGAIN :1yikes: this time I landed a 32cm Tailor that performed spectacular sumersaults during the struggle and fought well above it's weight :thumbup:

Putting all thoughts of a golfing future on hold ... i'm on a third time with another Tailor ... it's 33cm and THAT smile returns

Tempted well away from shore by a large number of birds working outside the Jibbon bommie made me a bit tense ... so I took the smile I had and headed for home.

The 60 Etec made for a bigger smile as it is the first time I have wound it out with one up ... she's q u i c k alright :thumbup:

Whitto the more relaxed :biggrin2:

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Nothing like a solo trip to blow the cobwebs away! :thumbup:

Hey Whitto...one up on my boat, when I had a decent prop on :074: it used to be good for a touch over 75 KM's. whats yours good for?

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