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Mid Arvo Cast-athon


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Well all these captures of bass got me itching to get into them, the area i fished doesnt usually hold that many in winter but still produced the goods this arvo..Well after casting where ever i could get one in between the tree and trunks along 2km of the waters edge using a few plastics and hardbodys with no luck..

I came across some water that was crystal clear and was filled with weed/reed patches everywhere so i decided to put on a surface lure thinking i had no hope as it was just to clear the water and worked it for a while for nothing, then in absolute awww i watched as a decent bass rise up and stalk the lure but then to dive back down leaving a large boil on the surface..I had never seen anything like it before and thought who cares if i dont get any as that just made my day..Well after another 30 odd cast i finally watched him prey apon the lure and slurp it up..i was back in awww mode again and didnt realise i was on until he dived for the weed bed and took a bit of drag..unfortunately he fought like a wet sock.. :thumbdown:

Got the fish in for some happy snaps and while doing so i came across a rather looking raw wound on its side..???? :wacko: very odd looking wound..looks like a bit of bacteria could be in it?

He swam off perfectly fine and i searched for more but no more luck...




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