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Makos Of Narra


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Went out and was welcomed by a dead calm ocean and lead skys so decide to troll and find some fish. By the time I got to Manly still hadnt hook in to anything so dragged in the spread and did a run up to the wrecks off Narra to fish some floters for snapper. Unfortunetly as I approched the wrecks on the G.P.S the sounder started playing up so decided to do a drift and set up a berley trail. There was not much action for the first half hour until the TLD starts to slowly click and then WHAMM, I struck hard and a neat little Mako shoot 10 foot out & proceeded to dance across the ocean. After a 20 minute fight and with a 51/2 foot beauty boatside the trace pops. As I sat there swearing my poor form the second rod goes of with another cool little mako going beserke and after another 10min fight the mono again pops. Rerigged with wire but didnt connect again. The weather started to turn so headed for home and again started the troll. Trolling the washes i hit a honey hole near the heads and for the next hour and a half had a ball with constant hook ups on very big greenbacks countless sambos and a lone kingy. So plenty of dolphins and a couple of seals topping of a magic day not at work.

Will try and get of my bum and post the photos soon

Cheers phil

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