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Botany Bay 19/9/05


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Hit the Bay this morning ,late start waited to see what the wind was going to do got on the water about 7/30 .A quick dash out to the heads to see if there were any salmon about there was a pretty stiff westerly blowing and about a 2 mt sloppy swell ,left over from the weekend ,could not see any birds working so I decided to go back into the bay and spin for flathead.Started over at Brighton but is was very slow couple of under sized fish and a squid tried a few spots along the front of Brighton and along side of runway BUGGER all ,moved over to Kurnell side of the Bay and got 2 fish in 10 minutes thought this is looking good but then it slowed down again ended up 2 more reasonable fish the 3 best went home for dinner the best fish went 60 cm, all in all a nice morning on the Bay [pictures also a old fishing boat must brocken its mooring in the big winds at the weekend]

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"hello, luv?, yes it is me, hey got a slight  problem with the boat and might be a little bit late home tonight, ok?"

That poor bloke is in a heap of strife.


Yes Harold he is going to be a bit late at the moment he is sitting on the old oyster leases in Woolaware Bay ,might be there till the xmas tides come :05::05::05:

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