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Best Bait For Jewies?

Guest Sea Jay

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Can anyone suggest what they think are the best baits and/or SP's for catching Jewies, also what method and rig you would use

Any compents would be gratley appriciated



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Alot depends on which system your fishing in and what size Jewies your after?? (probably big ones i guess  :1prop: )


To tell you the truth it doesnt have to be huge just A jewie would be great

For jewies i would probley be fishing the Hawksbury.

What is the best system to fish for them in you opinion??

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Can't go past a nice bunch of beach worms.  :thumbup:


Like someone else already said, it depends on where you are fishing. If you are fishing the north coast you will get fish on worms off the beach, but I don't reckon you'd get too many at Flint and Steel. The top bait seems to be very fresh squid.


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big SP's that stay on the bottom are good (ie storm shads and big minnows and big squidgies to the 5" and bigger range)


What about something like a 6" Sluggo would the be interested in that or is that mainley for kings ang such fish

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: Hey seajay go the 5 inch berkley jerk shads they work a treat, Coupled with a tt rev head 5/0 you cant beat them. Big squigies are good to in good old faithful drop bear light coloured plastics seem to work well in the georges river and in bay green works well too.

Id be fishing the Georges river anywhere where theres structure bait and an eddy is an awsome place to start. Bridges with lights at night and deep holes in the daytime.

Ive also caught them on big rapalas that have a bleading mullet patern.

If your fishing a really big tide and you anchor up under a bridge and the currents ripping through chuck out a sinking bibbed diver the current makes the lure swim and and its like trolling but you save S#@^loads on petrol :074: If your going to try that use a stiff rod it will help set the hooks good luck mate :thumbup:

I would also pick the bay/georges because it has been stocked with 84000 jewies you gotta love that :biggrin2:

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My numero uno bait is live/ fresh squid. Works in rivers, on beaches, offshore, anywhere!

Yep, gotta agree with Sharky, those Berkley jerkshads are taking plenty of Jew at the moment & 5 inch bass minnows have caught there share as well.


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