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A Few Editions To Tinnie


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Hi Guys,

I haven't been on the water for a little while. I've been adding some items to the boat and enjoying family activities like my son Angus' naming day!! :thumbup: Here's a pic of the little fella - he's 9 months old and a bit of a champ!!


Just thought I share what I've been up to with the boat (and provide an excuse for not fishing :wacko:).

My boat had no electrics at all. That is now fixed. I had a charging loom added to the motor by a mechanic and I mounted a battery.

Then I added a sounder (an Eagle Cuda) and a bilge pump (as a safety item in case I get some water in the boat one day).

I sourced the items myself and did all the work with the help of my mate Geoff. He is a "wiring them up" genuis and was a huge help providing heaps of advice and walked me through the wiring process to make sure it was right. :thumbup::thumbup:

Next is wiring up the Nav lights which have always been there but obviously not working. The bilge pump is wired to a 4 swich pannel we installed in the dash and the Nav lights will run off that as well.

Then... I have some cracked perspex in the windscreen which I need to fix and that will do for the time being - I need to go fishing.... :074:

It all works a treat and is a nice neat job so I'm both very happy and greatful to Geoff for his help.

I don't have pics of the finished job at present but will get some and post them up.

Aint fool'n with boats the next best thing to fish'n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :074:

Here's a few pics:

Transducer (I've still got to put a wire clip up from the transducer to hold the cable securely between the transducer and where it enters the hull)


Battery and wiring:


Sounder and switch Pannel:




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He is a handsome looking boy, should break a few hearts some day.

Fishing becomes even more fun when you have a son or daughter to come along. Even makes launching and cleaning up the boat quicker. :074::074:

You should now be able to go fishing with a little more confidence having tricked the boat up. There’s always a sense of satisfaction when you work on your boat improving on what you have. :thumbup:

What boat do you have?

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Hi Guys,

Angus is actually my latest creation :074::074: I have a 6 1/2 and an 8 year old as well. Both keen for a fish :thumbup:

Martin, my boat is a little 4m Sea Al. It was a "project boat" from a magazine called "PowerBoat Fishing" years back. They did it up a bit in each issue type of thing but no idea when. It still had PowerBoat fishing on the bow in big letter when I bought it.

It's perfect for me and Andy (the 8 year old) to hit the parra or Hacking or for me to head out on my own mid week when I get the chance. Very easy to handle on my own in a range of conditions.

When I got got it, the boat had been stripped back to bare bones. I put forward controls and sterring in it and then the things mentioned in this post.

Here's a pic before the latest editions:



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Thanks Martin,

She's been around the block a few times now and has a few scratches, dings and the tell tale signs of a boat that's done some work and caught a few fish.... :thumbup::biggrin2::biggrin2:

Andy and I think it's pretty cool, especially drifting the flats in Hen and Chicken Bay for bream and flatties!! :thumbup:


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The new additions are looking just great.

With all the new mod cons you will be able to go out and have lots of fun knowing that the boat is well set up.

By the sound of it you and Geoff had a great time doing the alterations.

It looks just the right size for you and your 6 1/2 and 8 year old to get out on the water.

Three in a boat no matter what size they or the boat is are about all I like, otherwise you run out of space.

This looks like it will be great up rivers as well.

I am sure you going to get many years of fun out of it, making all the hard work well worth it.

This is the size and set up I would have liked if I hadnt spotted my boat first. Your size of boat is so versatile.

Have a great time.



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Hi Claire,

Thanks for the kind words, Geoff and I had a great time doing the work. He's extremely knowledgeable in these matters.

It's a great little boat and suits me well. I can handle it on my own easily and get to some good places.

Thanks again. :thumbup:



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Gday motty man

Just had a look at the nice job on the install the only thing id like to help you out with a free 2 foot length of adhesive white trough to cover the Tranducer cbl

It would look neater and stop a hook up on the cbl Ilive in the Blacktown area

EDIT: Frank, I have removed your phone number. It would be better advised to PM it to him mate. :biggrin2:

This is how the trough looks ON THE BACK OF MY OLD BOAT TROUBLEMAKER



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