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Botany Bay 21/09


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Fished the bay with my mate Mick in tandem with Garry fishing out of his boat BUSTER 1 and had Crazedfisherdude “Chris” as deckie. Garry was already at Molineaux point when I arrived, Garry had a couple of livies out in hope of a king but had no luck with only having 1 of the livies getting chomped by a tailor. The trevally were a bit scarce at molineaux point Mick and I only managed to catch 3’ two in the 40cm range and the other about 30cm, next stop was Bonner point looking for a few flatties neither Garry nor I had any joy there so we headed over to the Brighton area where mick and I lucked onto a good patch of flatties over the next couple of hours we caught in excess of a dozen lizard to 75cm although the majority were in the 40 to 45cm range.

Garry & Chris trying there luck at Molineaux point


nice flatty "released"


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Well done mate. Seems you have the Bay wired as usual.

We have to get out for a fish soon. Sorry its been a while but i work 6 days a week now so its pretty hard to go out.




G/Day Lee

We got to get together soon it's been a while since we have fished together & the bay warming up nicely :thumbup:

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