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when i was fishing the hawkesbury on a houseboat earlier in the year every yellowtail i pulled up had this THING in its mouth. After some exhausting research (typed in fish parisites in google) found this page a pic which explained everything

hope this is what your after.....

heres the link, http://www.amonline.net.au/fishes/faq/tongue.htm

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almost every yellowtail and tailor i have caught have these things inside their mouths.

if you put a yellowtail into a bucket of clean water and let it die the bug comes out on most occassions and you will also notice that a lot of smaller flea sized bugs are in the water from the fish.

i caught a baby snapper once which had a parasite burrowed into its head, filthy.

those things make my skin crawl.

they have greenish clumpy blood (i have cut many of them out).

absolutely disgusting creatures in my opinion


make me squirm also :puke:

all the yakkas i caught the other night had em as well, i wouldnt be game enough to touch em to use as bait...ill stick to the yakka thanx!

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:puke:  thats disgusting...

did you pull any fish from that water?


pulled the hooks on an absolute monster. Ok i will tell the truth. The knot undid at the swivel.. how amatuerish i know but it was one of the first times i tried to tie braid. I promise i will never make that same mistake twice. It still burns me to this day :ranting2::ranting2::1badmood::1badmood:

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