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fishless scotty

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Hiya fishless; if we are talking from a boat, then I reckon there isn't a sambo on earth which can't be landed in five minutes or so on 2kg Fireline. Just keep the rod high and get em to jump heaps to knacker em quick!!!

Lures wise, the usual; bass minnows, sluggos, plus the smallest River2Sea slug in the white/pearl colour, homemade bucktail jigs in white and also home made dowell poppers about 3 inches long in white or Qantas colours. Favor jigs these days cause of the single hooks; dont like tearing up their faces with trebles. Oh yeah plus a few home made eyes flies for putting behind a popping cork for when they are really fussy.

Best rod I've used in past few years was an orphan yankee-made Daiwa rod; 8 ft long, 12 inch rear grip, perfect for 2kg Fireline and amazing how much longer it casts than the standard 6 to 7ft rod.

Cheers bombie

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