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Late Arvo Exercise

Agent X

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Bought 2 packs of Berkley SPs and went out with Ron (Crystalliser) for a short late arvo exercise - to test them grubbies on my home-made jig head. After abt 15mins or so, something decided to drop in for a snack. Its pulling power hinted that it was bigger than palm-size. (A nice bream maybe?) But what came up was a pleasant surprise, my first silver trevally on an SP (Grubs rock!). Would've been better if it was done on fly :biggrin2: But unfortunately there wasnt room for backcasts and I had to venture to the dark side using my battered overhead reel... snapped a few pics and it was back in the water.


I continued to walk down the bank after a few more casts in the same vicinity yielded some dead leaves... :biggrin2: Ronald was there first and was on to a lizard. And being a typical desperate-for-fish angler, I casted towards the same direction.... 2 casts later, mr lizard came for mr grub. The lizards were 36 and 40cm respectively and were very interested to see how our fridges look like..... we granted their wish :biggrin2:



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good work and nice fish there

how did you make your jighead?


I'm using either #6 or #8 O'Shaughnessy hooks to match the 2 inch grubs. I then take a short length of 20lb mono;

1) thread one end through the eye

2) wrap the mono round the shank (neatly)

3) thread the mono back through the eye on the opposite direction from step 1

4) do a overhand knot on the 2 strands of mono leaving enough space to slide a size 1 ball sinker through and leaving about 2mm between the overhand knot and the sinker

To fish, simply put a clip through in between the 2 mono (at the 2mm gap between the overhand knot and ball sinker).

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