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Natural Looking Baits


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Hi guys,

i was watching rex hunt the other day on foxtel and a question came up.

When i fish i usually try really hard to present the bait naturally, hiding the hook in the fish or prawn etc. This is for bream flathead trevs etc.

However i have seen many times these guys getting their fish say a slimy mac and whacking a couple of big hooks in the fish. The hooks are visible.

Then they drop it over the side and a big snapper or whatever shortly comes up hooked.

I would have thought that the bigger the fish the smarter it is, obviously it has avoided being caught previously so why now do they commit suicide and eat a obviously hook laden bait.

The only thing i can think of is these fish haven't come across man before, unlike the bream we get in the rivers of sydney which may have come into contact with many many times.

Whats your thoughts??


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