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Hawkesbury Saturday


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well woke this moring to a perfect day so grab some rods few lures & headed for the hawkesbury hit the water arround 7.30 am water was like glass.headed for some racks & it didnt let me down got arround 7 fish no monsters but gave a great struggle .all fish fell to an assormenbt of plastics & sx 40s & all where realsed to fight another day.arround 11 the wind kicked in so time to head home .had a quck flick along long isalnd shore for another small bream .when i got to the ramp fisheries where going threw this guys boat righting tickets 1 after the other . :biggrin2: they saw me wandered over asked if i was catch release i said yes u wanna see the pics then showed my licsence as i was packing up i was watching them go threw every container on his boat of which he had many & then was instructed to tip all contents back in the water of which consisted small bream & assorment of other species i couldnt make out .personally i thought it was gpood to finally see them out & about & catching some one :thumbup: ps sorry about pics first attempt at self timer :tease: .water was up to 19 degress so it warming up.also had a quick little session on geroges yesterday arvo no bream for me but don scored a cpl of nice fish ,my fist time fishing geroges & it certainly looks good thx don was a great cpl hrs





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