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Botany Bay And Georges River, 24-25 Sep. 05


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With the weekend off, I had myself booked up with friends and relos for some fishing on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday saw me launching from Kyeemagh with two mates and heading out to the oil wharf to look for trevally. Wind was a massive pain, but tolerable and teh sun was out. Was pretty quiet at the oil wharf, and I was dissapointed that the trevors weren't playing when my mate got a follow from a squid. I chucked a squid jig on and had two smallish squid in the boat soon after. Sent one back as a livie, and continued to throw plastics around for nothing. I finally felt weight on my rod and after a sluggish non-fight, pulled in a solid leatherjacket. A first for me, a leathery on a bass minnow!


My mate then got a small trevor, and after a quick drift around the HWO, we headed to the patches off Towra. We did a couple of drifts and ended up with 3 trevally and one nice 55cm flatty.


We had a quick look around the mouth of the Cooks after that but didn't find anything, so were off the water by about 12.30, and home for a fish lunch, :beersmile: and footy.

Todays plan was originally to chase bream in the Georges, but after a few half hearted casts at hulls, and with my cousin Georgia a beginner to plastics fishing, I decided to head out into the Bay again for the easier option. Unfortunately we couldn't find anything but a single tailor at the Patches. Saw two trevors caught on another boat, but it was decidely quiet so we decided to go back to the river and jig some pylons and hit some more boats. Around 9.30 I felt a bump, struck and came up tight on something decent. After a few big headshakes, I realised I may be onto a good jew, and started to get very excited. "Get the net, its a big fish....it may not fit in the net!" I yelled to my cousin. Aftar 4 or 5 minutes consisting of one big run, a few smaller runs and a bunch of mooching near the bottom, the fish came up and was netted perfectly. My first jew on soft plastics went 90cm, and I can't get the smile of my face!





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That's a respectable jewie (and it's bigger than Matt's one  :1prop: )


Uh uh, aint nuthin is gonna make me feel bad abt my little jewie :1prop: Besides, if Wakd, me or YOU catch a jew, its like we ALL caught a jew innit??!! :yahoo:

So good luck trow! (pls dont one greater than 75cm :074: )

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