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King Tally Goes To 2

yellow submarine

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Went out a little late this morning, but hoping that the overcast conditions would provide some good fishing conditions. Put the kayaks in at McGrath Creek and we worked our way casting fluff in to the shore line. The wind picked up a little giving us a good drifting speed, so I threw out a slugo on another rod just in case.

60 minutes of fishing and no fish. A couple of other fishos had got nothing all morning. We paddled past and began casting infront of the houses behind scotties island. Saying hello to a couple of the locals having breakfast on their balconies. Looking to paddle away to another spot I began padling the kayak but it began steering to the left. I then realised that my slugo had been smashed and the overhead was loosing line quickly.

10 minutes later and this great looking Rat was landed. Made 3 great runs and on 6-8lb gear was awesome fun. Kingie was released to put some beef on for next time.


The King and I


King lives to excite another day

Hoping to go over the 70 mark this summer hopefully on fly.

Does anyone have any pictures, ideas for fly patterns to for kings or any idea how to emulate a slugo with fluff.

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Well done on the king there Yellow Sub. I landed my first king (55 cms) on fly about 3 weeks ago and another last week about the same size. Going deep though, using a sink tip, the fly used was a blue over gold clouser with medium sized lead yellow eyes, trevors seemed to like it too, caught about 8 trevs on the same fly. I heard they go off on the surface when the weather warms up, should be fun.

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Nice little king. Aren’t they fun on light gear? Hope it’s a great season for the kings in Pittwater and they beef up.

Were you also out on Saturday as I went for a run in the boat with the children and saw two yellow kayaks in McGrath’s Creek.

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6lb line and a kingy from a kayak, thats great!

Yeah, I saw a kayak out from the Basin in the middle of Pittwater on Friday just after lunch with two guys in it - was this you yellow sub?

I see it quite often (unless there are heaps of guys doing it these days)

The missus took me out for my Birthday on Friday - caught yakkas and had to give em away - the :wife: got sick so the jewies got another week to live. Tried to get some squid jigging over west head and west side of palm beach (over the ribbon weed) - Nothin. I need to earn some more good karma

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have you got a photo of your clouser you could post for my design.


Nope not me, there are however a few of us use kayaks to fish. I have a two man as pictured for my logo. A couple of my mates have one man bass kayaks. A great way to get right up into the top of creeks chasing Bass and EP's


Surely taking the missus out fishing is good Karma enough. The fish will come. I was quite suprised that we landed anything the water was crystal clear. May be this remain will provide some bait and cover for some fish. Just hanging for Daylight saving and some extra hours fishing,

Cheers all

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Hey Lord yellow sub,

Thats a gr8 fish mate, good to see you have come up with the goods, must be all that practice you have been putting in. It didnt look that windy in the photo, looked perfect better than narra lakes on Saturday. Anyways I look forward to getting amongst it with you this summer. Have a good mate.

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Here's the pick, the blueGold clouser is a bit worse for wear after the king and trevors got into it, but Iv'e put a greenGold clouser next to it to give you a better idea, pretty basic and sparsely dressed as well.


Struth Ken, That's not the same fly you started with is it ?? It sure looks worse for wear now :1yikes:

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