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Sirius Cove And Balmoral


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Fished the south end of balmoral beach, shore based, on Friday evening for 2 small flathead. Both released. I was a bit concerned about this thick pink substance that was colouring the water right along the shoreline.

On saturday I fished from my kayak, using soft plastics in Sirius Cove and caught a nice flathead, which I kept for dinner. Bit worried though because today, when I was walking the dog down at the cove, I noticed that pink substance all along the shore and lots and lots of dead leatherjackets washed ashore. Anyone know if there has been some sort of chemical spill in the harbour, and whether we should not be eating fish from the harbour at the moment?

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I would say it was a "Red Tide", which is an algal bloom, it occurs naturally and the fish probably died through lack of oxygen as a result. I dont think there are any concerns in relation to consuming fish, but its always better to be safe then sorry.

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