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Bate Bay And South Sat 24th


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G'day all,

Geoff and I had high expectations on Saturday with good weather reports, reports of warm water and the boys on high tide nearly blowing a gasket when talking about what a magic day it was going to be - WRONG!!!!! :ranting2:

We rounded Jibbon Head to be greated by a stiffening South Westerly which had us cursing them all.

The plan was to head out to Marly wreck but with the wind we decided to seek some shelter under the cliffs catching a large parrot fish and the regulation sweep and seargent baker. :thumbdown:

We mucked around looking for fish, the sounder was showing a big zilch, until we found our old friends the chinamen!! :wacko:

They weren't as agressive as normal and some were in very poor condition indeed. Some were extremely skinny and one in particular had one of those "doctor parisites" sticking out the side of it's gut. :1yikes: You could just see it's tail so I grabbed it with the plyers and pulled out the ugliest looking bug thing I've ever seen. :thumbdown: Seriously, it looked like an alien and was full of yellow puss and was about as long as my thumb. The poor jacket had a few more in it's gut as well. Surprisingly, it wasn't is as poor condition as some of the others who were parasite free!!

Here's a photo of one of the jackets. Note how skinny he is from the head back, no meat on him at all....


We got really sick of the wind so headed back into bate bay and found a nice patch of flatties on the drift back across the bay. The frustrating thing was they were all just on or just under legal size. We must have boated 30 of them, cathing two up at a time on paternosta rigs but only kept two that were well over legal. The rest all went back.

In all we came home with a nice feed of jackets and two flatties for dinner so in all not a bad day considering the wind. :thumbup:



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Sorry to hear you and Geoff did not have the expected "great day on the water".

Down here in Melbourne I was envying the fishing experience you were expecting to have.

The parasites you describe sound very nasty. If you come across one another time, and I hope you dont, can you post a photo of it as I am sure others would also be interested to see what is attacking the fish.

By the sound of it you both had fun catching lots of flatties, some two at a time and brought some fish for a nice feed.

I hope the next trip is in better conditions when you head outside.

Say Hi to Geoff for me.



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I've seen those parasites before in jackets. They tend to dig in the guts, and are white whith black strips/markings. they look sorta like a slater, one of those bugs that lives under rocks and roll into a ball when you touch them. Just that these are much bigger and uglier. legs everywhere. disgusting... look like those thing sfound in yakka mouths, except bigger and flatter. i've seen them in/on other fish , a bream i think it was, but mostly on jackets. Hence i have never eaten a leather jacket....

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G'day Claire :biggrin2::biggrin2:

Nice to hear from you. :thumbup:

Yeah, the wind was a bummer.

Still, we had a great day as always. :thumbup:

I will indeed post a pic of the parasite if I get a jacket with one in him. They are very nasty looking things indeed... :thumbdown:

I've never heard of anyone being affected by them or getting sick, would be interested to contact fisheries or someone and find out though I guess.

In the meantime, I'll keep eating jackets I think... :biggrin2:


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