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Hawkesbury 24/9/05


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"As long as you are home by midday to take us to lunch you can do whatever you want!"

These words were ringing in my ears on friday night as i went to bed at 9pm so i could get up at 4am and go and use the new rod, reel and bait i had just spent $500 on. (Having read all the stories here, i had decided i was using old rubbish gear and a change was called for.)

I woke up and looked at the clock and oh oh, it was already 7am, no big deal get changed and down to Akuna i go.

I was on the water at about 8am and as i threaded my way up coal and candle creek, i noticed some subtle ripples over near the eastern edge, opposite church point so i slowed down and motored over there, killed the engine and flicked out a SP. Within seconds i was on and after a good run on very light gear i boated a 35 cm Tailor. Unfortunately the mongrel thing had torn the SP in to little pieces so i put another on and so it went on and on. I eventually gave up after 6 SP's were torn to shreds and i had 6 Tailor in the tank, all the same size. Unfortunately, with my catching record, i dont take a camera as historically it would not get much use.

I motored over to Juno and did exactly what i had done 2 weeks prior when trying to catch Jews. I put out Prawn, Squid, Pilchard and for good measure i hooked one of the tailor on the end of a line then i waited and waited and waited. After an hour of absolutely nothing i pulled up the anchor and headed over to west head and put everything out again. Same story zilch. By then it was getting towards 10.30 am and to keep the home place calm i had to get out of the place and back to Belrose. Back at Akuna i let the remaining 5 Tailor go as i remember these things are terrible to eat.

Had a great days morning and didnt argue once which is different than if i had taken the cheese and kisses out!

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I've been doing a very similar thing for the past several months and i'm yet to hold aloft my jewie.

Good things come to those who wait and don't go mental in the interim! Hang in there harold I'm sure it'll happen soon, otherwise I mihgt strat groiNg mEnTil *&*&@%$@^&&$%%^#^(*!(!$":?<@%$>%@# :mad3:

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