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Lake Glenbawn


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Hi Guys :biggrin2:

I had to head up the Valley to visit a couple of my clients with work last thursday, so I thought I may as well drag the boat along just incase I had a bit of time for a quick flick.

By the time I had finished work it was already around about 3.30pm, so it left me with a couple of hours at least.

I launched the boat & started fishing the timber in the main basin with a VT65 and it didn't take to long to get the first hit. I wasn't ready for him & I was stuffing around with the minn kota and he bricked me in a tree :ranting2: .

I think I have been spending to much time on the river bass lately & you sort of forget just how violent these steroid pumping Glenbawn brutes smack :thumbup:.

Anyways, I actually landed the next couple of fish on the VT65's & by this time the sun was already setting. So I thought since I really couldn't see enough to fish the timber anymore, I will go for a few more last cast's on some weedbeds.

Since the little shallow diving EcoGear CK50 crankbait is to be released in a few weeks time I thought I might give the prototype I have been testing out, another run & on about the third cast I landed a nice little bass around 30cm.

Then about half a dozen casts later another good fish, I didn't measure him cause it was to dark, so I just put him in the livewell for a couple of pics back at the boat ramp before letting him go.



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Damn...that looks to be a nice fish Lance! :thumbup: What would you guess the weight at?

Do you have any pics of the new baits?

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Hi Joe :biggrin2:

I could not really say how heavy, maybe around 1.5kg or something ?

I will post a couple of close up's, if I can of the little CK50.

This one in the pic is a sample I have been testing & only has the standed trebles fitted.

When they are actually released they will come fitted with the owners.

Also there will be 5 colours ( this colour won't be one of them), very similar to that in SX40 range.

A smaller CK 40mm is also to be released at the same time as well :thumbup:


Do you mean this immediate Wed-Sat or actually next week.

Not that I fish it, but I think the Glenbawn Classic may be on this long weekend ?, not sure though will have to check. Just wondering thats all.



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