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First Run In The New Boat


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Firstly thank you to Ken who put me into contact with Hookem Herby, (Herbert) one of our Fishraider members in Brisbane. A big thank you to Herbert who took time out of his busy schedule to check the boat over for me prior to being transported by the a Brisbane boat dealer to a boat transport depot for the trip to Sydney. Herbert, once again, thanks for all your time and effort to see that all went well for me. Greatly appreciated.

Took my wife and two children out for our maiden voyage Saturday in the new boat, Aussie Whaler 5.5m Profish. Will post some pics once I have got things the way I want them. All went well bar three things

1/ We did no serious fishing, mainly just cruised about and moored up in the Basin for lunch.

2/ I could not get my cockpit lights to work so I assume it may be a fuse issue or loose connection, no big deal and will soon sort that out.

3/ The boat comes with a Humminbird 400TX sounder and there is no manual so I am having trouble getting the water temp to show. The diagnostic screen shows it’s not connected, however I assume the sounder has water temp as it shows on the simulator. Each time I start it up it starts in simulation mode and I then need to turn it off again to start it in its operation mode.

Would any one know where I could buy a manual on this sounder or where Humminbird are in NSW?

Apart from that the boat goes great and seems very economical with 115hp Johnson Ocean Pro. When I start her up there is a little exhaust smoke, however I assume that’s normal and I will get use to it. My old mercury 60 hp had very little smoke so I assume bigger motor then a little more exhaust smoke.

I still have some more polishing to do and getting organised as to how I want things to be and where they are positioned when we fish.

I can’t believe how much cockpit space I have and amount of storage space in the cabin lockers. Everything can fit into plastic containers stacked and stored in the lockers with easy access.

The boat is exceptionally stable four people all standing on one side and solid as a rock, very quick up on the plane and responsive.

She does no back down as well as my old Stejcraft as there is a lot of beam to push in reverse. She rides a little harder head on into a chop under power but was very dry with no spray being blown back. Pull back on the throttle and the ride softens up.

I am looking foreword to seeing fish raiders out on the water and flying the flag in the next couple of weeks. Our first real fishing trip will be this long weekend. Only 6 more sleeps.

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Good to see that its all happening for you Martin. New boats are awesome fun! :thumbup:

No need to buy a manual. Go HERE! Its the Yank Humminbird site and that manual is in PDF format. If you really wanted a hard copy, it would be easy enough to print it. :thumbup:

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good to hear its all happening mate, before i bought the seafarer i was looking at the same boat. they look sexy as.

im sure i will see it out in broken bay through the season.

cat,trihull boats usually do not back up to well so i wouldnt be doing much of it :)

the only thing that will make that boat look sexier will be some nice black outriggers!

check on your transom for the temp wheel. it may not have one as part of the sounder therefore it may only show up in simulation mode

goodluck with the boat

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Very glad that I was of some help to you in the purchase of the boat. That's what being a fishraider and this site is all about after all. Just a pity we didn't get to catch up for that beer whilst I was down in Sydney, next time mate.

Just glad to hear she made it down ok and that you are happy with the boat. The Profish certainly looked the goods and appears to be a great family and fishing vessel. Can't wait to read plenty of fishing reports and tales of you enjoying her on the Sydney waterways. Best of luck,


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Well done Martin. Nothing like the first day out on a new rig. The excitement is unbelievable!!!

That's whats life's all about I reckon!!

The smoke is reassuring. If there's no smoke that's when you need to worry!!!!!!!

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