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Surface Poppers


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Did a fair bit of fishing over the weekend at Lake StClair, it seems the last week has been particualarily unkind to me :1badmood: . It is the first trip i was unable to land a fish. :mad3: Either way the Camp oven lamb roast and the dozen beers listening to the Swans beat our western friends was a nice relief...

I have a few questions to the Bass masters. I tried all the normal haunts and could not raise a fish, i threw Jackal Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, trolled a few deep diving Deception lures, jigged some plastics, i even tried some SX40's... everything i knew how, but just couldn't get a strike. There was fish around, i could see them feeding on the surface, smashing bugs and insects. I was wondering in that situation should i try some surface poppers? I have never used them, nor do i own any. Has anyone had any luck with these types of lures on Bass and what type did you use?


The Jaded Fisherman

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Not sure about Lake St Claire, but I went bass fishing in a river last week and was using poppers (fly) without a strike, while the other guys I was fishing with were getting very nice bass with blades and plastics. I reckon it might be a bit early for poppers, but as soon as there is a hot balmy afternoon with heaps of bugs and insects, it might be a different story.

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I think Pete's right re: the carp. Most of the surface activity you see at St.C and GB are carp.. doesn't stop you turning your head when you hear a splash tho' :)

There're heaps of surface bass lures on the market, here's a few of the most popular surface lures used in Oz:

River2Sea Bugga Chugs, bubble pops and cicada pop 55's; Taylor Made surface breakers and basscada's (also do a few nice fizzers, which I've forgotten the name of right now); Heddon Torpedo's and Jitterbugs are also very popular.

Bass are taking poppers RIGHT NOW, don't wait for the cicada's to start humming, get out there and start 'blooping'! :)


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