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Searching For An Sp Jew


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Hi all,

I think ive gathered enough info to be confident that im using the right lures for these buggers but as yet ive come up empty. I have spent quite some time chucking Storm shads and Bass Minnows up at Roseville (McGills Hole) over the last few weeks for nothing. Ive been fishing the tide changes and covering alot of area.

Now i know all about perseverence for Jewies as it took me ages to get my first bait caught fish but im hanging for one on a lure.

So can anyone suggest a proven retrieve style, another landbased location maybe(im not sure if its the right time of year for up Roseville way) or any tips to help me out...it would be greatly appreciated.


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Anthony perservere(spelling????) mate....your jew won't be far away. Firstly please understand that i am by no means an expert jew fisho, however i have caught a few and all on SP's. I don't reckon that there is one proven retrieve method.....what i mean is that different retrieves will work on different days. Saying that though i do favour the lift and drop method. The jew will nearly always hit the lure on the drop....it is important to watch your line for movement as quite often the fish will take the lure and do nothing till you hook them on the next lift of the rod. You prolly haven't had any success as yet cause the water is still a bit cold.....be patient they will turn up. BTW was there any signs of bait in your possie? as this is a good sign that predatory fish such as jew won't be far away. Keep at it mate and best of luck. :thumbup:

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Hey Jewnut when it comes to jewies they can be lazy buggers when i look for a land based spot i look for a few things

*Bait if theres bait like choppers/mullet prawns baby bream ect thats a start

*Structure Bridge pilons rock formations concrete walls ect

*Edies fast moving water next to slow moving water they like to pick things off as they go past eddies are great and at certain times of the tide there are different spots that will create them

*Lights and shadowlines if you have all of the above and you can find a shadow line your chances are pretty good.

*water depth you would be surprised how shallow they will go at night for a feed at

my favourite spot the water at its deepest is 3 meters but with all of the above in your favour it makes for a great spot and even better there are heaps of snags now the ironic thing is its the snags that give them places to hide and hold on the bottom

*Rain if it spissing down with rain and the water is dirty it sends them nuts

*On retrieves i find a similar retrieve to a flathead one works well just remember to keep your lure in the water for as long as possible and keep in mind you will never know which part of the retrieve they will strike

I hope this info helps on you your way to your first sp jewie Good luck :thumbup:

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thanx a million for the advice guys, just stocked up on some Jerkshads (in the only colours Otto had left) as well as a pack of (expensive) revheads. Otto also put me on to some great looking Auspin heads which ill be giving a go.

Sharky, your points are great and are the areas i used to target out of the boat baitfishing but this SP thing is a new ballgame for me.

Andrew, ive been letting the lure sink to the bottom (actually remember feeling a small tap on the drop on my first trip up there, dismissed it due to lack of experience) then bringing it back in a series of hops but im not sure how far i need to be getting the lure off the bottom, eg. 1m,2m etc.??

BTW, i bought an SP outfit a couple of years ago without much knowledge at the time and its what ive been using(only caught a few flatties and one bream on it so far). its a 6ft live fibre from Freddys (only thing ive bought from them) matched to an Okuma Avenger 30 spooled with 6lb fireline. Ive been using 18lb Siglon leader. The rod seems to me like it could be undergunned for Jewies and im used to using 50lb boat gear. Im thinking of getting another rod for Jewies to run the same reel off. Do you guys think his is necessary?

I know this is a trial and error game but i also know how valuable info is from experienced fishos is hence the questions. Dont like being a pain and dont expect to be spoon fed all the answers either but rest assured your advice is so much appreciated...thanx again

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Drive to the end of the road in the national park (away from the ramp) and walk about 100m down the Lyre Bird track, there's a little path to the water there, that's the spot. It's about 50-80m downstream from a clearing at the edge of the water with sandstone rocks as a wall.

I haven't been there for years, but that's how I remember it.

Either that or walk along the water's edge until you find a bunch of guys flicking big plastics.  :1prop:


youre memory is still holding up in your old age mate :1prop:

had a 4 hour session there today for zilch again but there were alot of poddies, big mullet and choppers around and the water colour looked much better...maybe it will pay off soon.

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Hey Jewnut,

Hve just joined raider today. I fish that stretch @ Rosy quite a bit and have had quite a bit of succes. It has taken me a good year to nail a jew on SP's, but it was well worth the time. It can become very frustrsting, as you would know. However, the conditions can only get better for you in the upcoming warmer months. Like yourself I was questioning everything I was and wasn't doing. I know the fish are there. Hang in there mate you'll get one and when you do you will become a SP's addict like myself. Send us a PM or email if you want - maybe we can join forces!!



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So can anyone suggest a proven retrieve style, another landbased location maybe(im not sure if its the right time of year for up Roseville way) or any tips to help me out...it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi mate. I've been getting into a few lately and the most important thing I've learnt is to watch your line and rod tip on the drop, and feel for VERY soft touches. You would be amazed how soft the bites feel for such a big fish. At first I thought they were small bream or something. You've got to strike the instant you feel these touches because they spit the lure out straight away most times.

I've been practicing for a while now and still miss more than I hook or they get hooked right on the edge of the lip and then fall off because I was too slow to strike. You need reflexes like lightning :biggrin2:

Some more tips- I use a slow lift and drop retreive and wind down fast to get the slack out of the line quickly. Keep the belly in the line as small as possible.

Hope all this helps.

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