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Iron Cove 26/09


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Yes I know, no pics to spiff up this report. My bad.But I know some fishraiders often fish around IC and Le Montage so this report is for them :1prop:

The weather wasnt great, the wind was blowing (not too bad though) and there was intermittent light rain but its been such a long long time since I've been back to IC for some shorebashing. Gotta remember one's roots, see :1prop: . SO park the car I did, and off I went to my favourite section.

It took a couple of casts to get my lure where I wanted(damn wind!)and in came a low 20s bream. 2nd cast and in came a small flattie. Several casts later I was onto a nice fat flattie abt 40cm. By this time I had made friends with a nice guy, who was also fishing SPs. Had a bit of a chat and we both then moved to another fav section. He quickly scored a couple of baby bream and I promptly......got snagged. :074:

A quick shift once again abt 10 mins later and a change of lure colour (Bloodworm) lead to my lure getting whacked by a nice nice treva, easily the best one I've caught at IC. Has anyone noticed that these things are good value, fight wise? :1prop: They really love to head shake, much like a good flattie actually. This fish was more than 45cm easy, but as is customary when I get a good fish at IC, I didnt have my landing net with me. My new mate tried to grab its tail but the darn blurter shook its way to freedom. No worries,as usual, I was gonna let it go anyway. Fishing urge satisfied, I then went home.

So IC regulars...start pounding :thumbup: the fish are there atm.

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Good little report Mat.

I was hoping to head down there this weekend some time probably Friday evening or Sunday Arvo. I haven't caught a trevally there yet so that is one I want to add to my IC list.

Did you get the fish on Hawgs BM's or single tails?



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Gday Trev, the report was partly for you mate :1prop: , along with the rest of the IC posse.

I used, and dont be shocked.....a 3inch BM :1yikes: Water looked a little mucky so I used the darker colours, started with Ginger Beer, then onto Pumpkinseed then finally a Bloodworm that got the treva. Was using all the leftover lures from boat fishing actually. I havent really used Hawgs for a while lately, dunno why but it hasnt been producing the goods. Good ol' still 3 and 2 inch BMs rule :thumbup:

I'll be using the Realistix range soon when I get my hands on some tho...

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From the sound of your report, your fishing mate the other afternoon at Iron Cove was my son Rhys, who is a pretty mean hand at soft plastics.

If the bloke you were fishing with was nearly 2 metres tall, the odds are that it was him, because he told me about your trevally when he came home. If anyone was going to reach your fish it was him, given that he has a reach as long as two normal blokes!

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Yeah JD, IC is definitely worth fishing atm. I hadnt fished there for ages, well havent done much shorebashing for ages, and it brought back all the good feelings for when I first started :074: You dont really have to be ultra selective with casts either, just straight out, unless ur aiming for some structure wink wink.

Hi Cameron, yeah it must have been ur son, either that or there's another TALL Rhys who's dad frequents fishing chat forums :1prop: Bloody oath he's tall! I could see he felt bad when the fish slid away (damn thing had the audacity to swim away SLOWLY too) and then THAT in turn made me feel bad. All that was lost was a pic for this thread really, no biggie :1prop:

I really hope it'll be a good season too Martin :1prop:

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