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Any Snapper Out There?


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late arvos are heaps better than mornings, mainly cos you can find your marks properly around lunch then start berleying before the fish even think of coming on the bite. it is too much of a rush in the morning, trying to anchor up in the dark then when dawn comes you find you aren't in the right spot...

if you want big reds use big strip baits, up to 6" or longer...

oh and small to med live yakkas with their tails clipped off get smashed too

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Re: Hauraki gulf

Don't think the boat will make it over there....but if the current and wind are right and if i get a few Jerry Cans.....HHHMmmmm.

In terms of Afternoon Vs Morning,

We used to get the bigger fish in the afternoon, but more mid-size snapper in the Morning...Simple solution I have found to this is to go out in the Morning and stay out till the night. (with a quick kip in between).. :wacko:

Not wanting to sponsor anything, but Red Bull does keep up awake when you feel like your eyes are bleeding after fishing for 18+ hours!! :tease:

Have decided to get the cobwebs off the boat on Saturday... will see what happens!! :thumbup:

I worked it out, haven't been out there for 8 weeks due to work :mad3: ...been so long, I probably wont recognise a snapper when i see it!!!


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