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:1welcomeani: to the site thumper hope you learn a thing or two from the members. Sorry i can't help with recent information but was there a few months ago a caught some nice lizards to 60cm. I found walkin the banks as sucessful as drifting in a boat. I was using soft plastics (sp's on this site) and natural grubs in 3'' worked a treat. Sp's like atomic or squidgy were the most successful. Further up the lake into the basin was poor to say the least, too many jelly fish. That and i didn't have an idea on where to go. I stuck mainly around the bridge and around the two islands on either side of the bridge for most results. Hope that helps. :thumbup::thumbup:
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Definately some nice fish to be had from the Windang area. I am not sure of legality of it but fishing from the bridge at night is very popular with some nice bream and flatties is you can haul them up the 3-4m. Old favs like fresh (ideally live) prawns and nippers good, but funnily have had the best results on skirt steak and chicken.

As kevvie said walking the banks with sps is a great way to go. still holds some great flathead fishing.

for a change you might think about fishing outside of the lake and head to the eastern most point of Windang island. bit of walk but a very popular spot for good reason. large numbers of large squid with regular showings of salmon and tailor. when its a bit warmer bonito and some kingies if you are lucky. also great spots for drummer and bream in the washes, unweighted prawns in a heavy burley works a treat.

good luck, look forward to the report.

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Bored at work with google earth. an old image with poor landsat resolution but i am sure you will get the idea.

since the image was taken extensive work has been carried out on the lakes entrance to the detriment of the lake. to the point were siltation makes an open entrance rare as hens teeth. the silver lining however is that the island (1) is more easily accessible making high tide cutoffs a thing of the past.

2 shows the bridge location and also some good landbased locations with access the main "channel" or whats left of it.

3 shows the lakes islands. if you hire a boat give them a try for flatties etc. boat hire is available next to the bridge

an aside there are two good tackle stores on the windang road, deanos is the pick.


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