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Ethanol In Outboards

Big Bob

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Good article Bob,

Like ive mentioned before I have no problems using ethanol blend in my cars. There are claims that it can damage plastic etc so not to use in outboards, but cars have probably more plastic than outboards. My fuel tank is made from plastic as is most cars these days, and ive never seen damage from ethanol.

On the last page of that article it mentions a very improtant point and that ethanol will draw any moisture to it, which is my main concern with outboards and not that big a deal with cars. Most boats will get moisture and water in the tank at some point and thats where the ethanol hurts. Pockets of water will rust and cause damage and not so much the ethanol itself.

I would say that if rust or similar is found in your fuel system you wont get much help with warranty. Most manufacturers are pretty quick to blame the fuel.

Just for the record our standard unleaded is 91 octane.

Caltex vortex is 95 and Shell and Mobil premiums are 98. Our standard fuel here is like the US premium fuel. We have very good fuel in this country, even the blended fuel is good. Using premium in outboards does very little because they are only designed to use 87 to 90 octane.

I am still concerned about using a blend in the boat.

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