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How Long Is Frozen Squid And Ocy Bait Good To Use?


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Hi fishos,

Most of us prefer to use fresh bait, but sometimes it's unavailable or we don't have time to gather it, so we must fall back on preserved/frozen bait.

In my freezer I've imported eating-quality squid, local snap-frozen squid, and local squid and octopus I obtained and immediately froze myself. It's all been there since last summer.

Does frozen squid and occy have a "use by date", beyond which it ceases to attract and catch fish? If so, when is it?

I've been salting and then freezing pilchards for years, and they seem to be good bait almost forever. But I haven't had much experience preserving or freezing other baits.

I was recently told it's best to freeze bait in saltwater; I assume it's because the bait then freezes at a lower temperature and the salt helps preserve it. Is this true?

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theoretically doesnt matter cease to rot or deteriorate once frozen? Not sure i would eat a million year old frozen mammoth (although i think i married one once) but i have certainly eaten year old snap frozen meat and it tasted just like any other steak.

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Hey Ken

reading an old fisho mag last night and they recommended freezing prawns in fresh water.Dont know if it works on squid but probably worth experimenting with both salt and fresh and seeing if theres any difference.As for how long it keeps? beats me but i'll hazard a guess and go six months.

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Thanks for the tips fishos,

iain, I believe your concerns are unfounded: some people are indeed worried about using frozen farmed prawns imported from Asia, but my snap-frozen squid was caught in the sea off Californian, USA, so it's hardly the same.

rodd, you've confirmed my hopes and expectations: it is possible to catch fish on frozen squid that's been in the freezer for at least half a year, provided it's in good condition.

That's better than throwing it out.


Bob :biggrin2:

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